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About us

Our Cat Cafe is a cozy space where you can plunge into the atmosphere of a regular cat life. At our place, you can relax or work, although the second will not be easy to do under a soothing murmur. We are an unusual cafe - you pay only for the time you spend with our cats, and the price already includes drinks and snacks in unlimited quantities.
All our cats came here from a shelter. Here they founded their home, care and love. Also they really like to get acquainted with new visitors, so do not be afraid, you will not be left without attention!
We are located in the center of Prague, our cats are always very friendly, happy to make new friends and ready to pose for funny photos and videos!

Our rules

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    Respect Cats

    The most important rule of our cafe is that it is forbidden to hold cats against their will, pull by the tail, paws or ears.

    It is not customary to make loud noise in the cafe, respect the other guests.

    In no case can you feed cats without the permission of the staff; Some cats are allergic to a certain type of food, while others have a sensitive digestive system.

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    Be Friendly

    Here you can relax and unwind in the company of friendly cats. You can play with them, take photos and shoot videos and post them on social networks using #CatCafePrague

    Inside the institution there is a self-service system where you can take muffins or other cookies with tea or coffee. We also have an x-box for video game lovers.

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    Keep Clean

    Cleanliness and order are important in our cafe, so we have prepared for you a change of shoes - reusable slippers. Upon entering, please be sure to use an antiseptic or wash your hands with soap.

    To avoid unnecessary stress for our pets, it is forbidden to bring your animals to the cafe. Failure to follow the rules may lead to animal aggression.

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Entertainment that you like

Price & Service


We work as a time cafe:
You pay for the time you have with us.
First hour: 120 czk
1 czk - every next minute.
All food and drinks are already included:

  • Tea/coffee
  • Muffins/cookies
  • X-box/table games
  • Cats!!!

We are a part of a large and beautiful Prague, with kind and affectionate cats. This is a corner of live communication with small friends. Take a break in your rhythm of life and immerse yourself in a parallel world of goodness and tranquility. Our cats will make you a little bit happier.
Emotions and warmth are our world. We are waiting for you.